Sunday 6 January 2013

Talking Tag



Today ive come to share more exciting news from Stampin’ Up! with a brand new exciting product… now you can personalise you creations with a voice greeting or personal message.. you can use them on birthday cards, Thank you cards, Invitations. The message can simply be what ever you want it to be – How exciting is this… The Tags are self adhesive and include instructions to the recipient, all you and the recipient need to do to use and listen to them is download the FREE app and scan the code. The great thing is you have 60 seconds of record time and you can re record until you are happy with you message.

How to send a voice message:

  1. Download the FREE TalkingTag™ App on you smartphone from, iTunes® or Google Play™.
  2. Adhere the message tag to your card or gift.
  3. Open TalkingTag™ App and scan the code.
  4. Record your message (recording starts immediately, so make sure you’re ready!).

How to Buy Talking Tags:

Buy ‘em by the sheet! You get 10 tags for just £7.25 (item 129723).


How to use your Talking Tag

Helpful Tips:

  • Adhere Talking Tag to a flat surface, otherwise the scanner can’t read the code.
  • Multiple tags can be attached to one surface, but don’t place them too close together. When scanning a message, you shouldn’t be able to see another code on the screen.
  • Do not write or place any decoration over the label.
  • Talking Tag has a permanent adhesive and cannot be repositioned once attached to a surface. Attempting to remove it could tear the label, making it impossible to listen to the content.
  • A Talking Tag message label can only hold one message. Once a message is confirmed, it cannot be deleted or re-recorded.


Isnt this just the coolest most exciting thing weve had for a while – can are crafting get any more bespoke and personal???

Would like to get your hands on this exciting new product email me or call me 01842 828643  today to order your Talking Tags and start sending your personalised messages.

Thank you for coming bye today

Laura xx

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