Tuesday 23 July 2013

Racing themed party

 Its a BOY.... We are a very proud country right now.... Congratulations William and Kate on the birth of you blue bundle.... And maybe one day their little boy will want a racing themed party... ?!? well maybe boys will be boys hey....


So here are the photos i promised you from my sons 8th Birthday party that i planed and put together all themed around ‘racing’…..
my ‘Start’ table for presents… before… man i wish i had an after pic as the table was FULL – crazy full he was totally spoilt by his friends and family…
I made all the signs with the help of my lovely partner… using lining paper, black paint and my cardboard fabric tubes….
here are the table decorations i made using  trophys from Poundland… table either had these or balloons….
This was my Pitstop – a drinks ‘Re fuel’ table….
heres his fab cake made by my very clever friend….
spot all the party bags ‘cups’ all in chequer cups there was 40 altogether!!! all filled with sweets, a notebook, pencil, rubber, wristband, lolly, popping candy
Birthday boy!!!
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